Windows Start menu leaked

Microsoft campusA leak has tipped up on the nternet suggesting what Microsoft’s new start menu will look like in Windows 9 

It had been known for some time that Microsoft had been reverting back to its start menu for desktop users after its move to a more tablet interface went down like rent boy at a Tory conference.

To be honest the start menu is not that exciting, unless you have tried to live without one for longer than a month.  It is all stuff which will be familiar to Windows 7 users with a couple of minor tweaks.

It is clear that this is an early build of next generation of Windows and might be tweaked still further before Windows 9 comes out. Still there is only so much that you can do to a start bar to make it new.

The image says that the start bar is for Win 8.1 Pro however, the world on the street is that it is actually a legitimate Windows 9 version. Builds inside of Microsoft still use this branding.

This build 9788 is said to be floating around the web but has so far not been a full leak. We expect that there will be a more complete leak in the near future.

In the meantime here is the thread where the leaks appear be being posted