Whinging Brits’ complaints ignored

ukflagMillions of Brits’ complaints to customer service go unresolved, a report from contact centre software company Aspect claims.

Aspect’s consumer satisfaction report, 2013, said roughly half of respondents have had a positive experience when dealing with customer service, but a third of Brits have had a bad experience in just the last year, with an average of two instances per person.

Over two thirds of pee’d-off customers have made a complaint in the last year, with one in five going to social media to do so. The majority that did complain said their complaint was not resolved or that the response given was not satisfactory.

Most customers prefer to find a quick resolution to a complaint. Three in ten customers said they would switch providers due to bad customer experience, while two in five have switched suppliers in the last year. Insurance was the most common.

ISPs, the survey found, were the most inconsistent with their customer service – with most instances of both good and bad customer services being found in this sector.

This has potentially damaging long term implications for companies. Senior veep at Aspect, Mark King, said in a statement that there are “9 million people that have made an unresolved complaint to a company in the last year”, or 14.5 percent of the population that are unhappy. This should serve as “more than a wake-up call for organisations to do something about it”.

However, King suggests Brits are a nation of whingers, and it is up to companies to adapt to this as expectations are higher than ever.