Westcon-Comstor finishes back-office overhaul

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQJAAAAJDNiMGVhY2RiLTZhNzAtNGQ3YS1hYTFiLWQyMjI2MzM1MGUzMwDistributor Westcon-Comstor has said that it has completed its back-office overhaul with outsourcing specialist Genpact.

The scheme, which has seen roles covering 52 countries outsourced to the business process outsourcing (BPO) specialist, started two years ago. Various posts were shifted to Romania in a move which affected almost one in six of its then 1,900 staff in the region.

In 2016 the outsourcing initiative took effect across Westcon-Comstor’s Asia-Pacific operations, with the programme expanded into North America this year. The distributor has not announced how many staff globally were impacted by the process.

At the same time there was a roll-out of a new SAP ERP platform. The software, which took three years to deploy, went live in Europe six months ago. Problems with the roll-out hurt the company badly with a 30 per cent sales decline in Europe.

CEO Dolph Westerbos predicted that the investments in its back-office foundations will serve the company well in the years to come.

What is looming on the horizon for the company is some more uncertainty, as current owner Datatec has been in discussions to sell the distributor since early this year.

Having initially published several stock market updates alluding a deal concerning one part of its business, Datatec revealed a month ago that the talks related to a potential $800m sale of Westcon-Comstor. Suitors including Synnex, Arrow, and have all been linked to a potential buyout, but a transaction is still yet to be agreed.