Vtech punters hit by hack

vtech-mobiogo2Half a million British families, including 750,000 kids, have been affected by the massive hack of kids computer tech outfit Vtech.

The VTech breach is one of the largest in history, including 5 million adults’ information. Its hacked database includes 560,487 accounts identified as belonging to people in the United Kingdom.

What is worrying the world is that a big chunk of the accounts were set up for children which makes for an all you can eat buffet for paedophiles. ┬áThe children’s data included their name, username, gender and date of birth.

A Vtech spokesperson did not answer press questions on the issue of the children’s data but it confirmed “an unauthorised party accessed VTech customer data housed on our Learning Lodge app store database on November 14, 2015. Clearly those are the sort of unauthorised parties we never get invited to.

“The investigation continues as we look at additional ways to strengthen our Learning Lodge database security. We are committed to protecting our customer information and their privacy, to ensure against any such incidents in the future.”

The company said it immediately conducted a thorough investigation put in place measures to defend against further attacks.