Virtual clients break the $1 billion barrier

dollarBy 2016 the virtual client computing (VCC) market will be worth $1 billion in 2016, up from $805 million in 2013, in Europe.

So says IDC, which says that growth is fuelled by the centralised virtual desktop (CVD), also known as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

The growth is due to advances in datacentre infrastructure virtualisation.  Cloud service providers are going to take a far larger part oof the VDI market and that brings the benefits of client and desktop virtualisation to small enterprises.

But while Western Europe is likely to see bigger growth in VDI projects, central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa are lagging behind.

Mohamed Hefy, senior research analyst at IDC said: “There are more urgent infrastructure challenges [there] – for example hospital funds would be directed to critically needed medical equipment and analytics capabilities rather than virtualised infrastructure.”

The trend toward bring your own device (BYOD) technology and increasing workforce mobility will be factors considered by IT staff evaluating VDI.