VIP offers smaller resellers kit to sell

2c72b03VIP Computers is offering indie PC retailers sale or return gaming packs in a bid to help out the smaller resellers.

The packs include a variety of goods from VIP’s key PC gaming vendors and marketing assets, will be sent out next week.

Each pack has a trade price value of £2,500 and are being sent out on a sale or return basis. To get one you have to be a member of the VIP Club which is the VIP’s programme for independent PC retailers.

In the kit are five £99 Razer Blackwidow Chroma gaming keyboards and Deathadder and Naga mice.

The deal gives the independants some free stock to have a crack at flogging in the run up to Christmas.  It helps solve the retailers high stock cost problems, which prevents them from buying high-ticket items or ones they don’t think will sell.

The Indies don’t need to pay the invoice until January 2016, at which point they can pay the invoice or return the goods – whatever they haven’t sold can sent back to VIP.

More than 100 resellers have already signed up to receive a pack.