VIP and Gunnar sign distie deal

VIPVIP Computers has expanded its accessories range.

The distie has signed on the dotted line with Gunnar Optiks, a manufacturer of computer performance eyewear.

The deal, which will cover the UK market, comes after the company expanded its distribution in France, Mexico and Cambodia and is part of an overall strategy to address the increasing global demand for technology eyewear.

Gunnar’s Advanced Gaming eyewear promises  to offer increased contrast for great visual accuracy, enhanced detail, reduction in glare, improved visual endurance for extended gaming sessions, and decreased amount of eye fatigue and dry eyes.

They are also designed for PC users who wear glasses and are claimed to help prevent eyes from getting tired, drying out and headaches, as they block out the blue light emitted by computer screens.

Duncan McAuley, Purchasing Director for VIP Computers said he was “delighted” to have the new client on board, while Gunnar was equally complimentary claiming it was “proud” of the partnership. That is nothing new.

Raise your glasses everyone…