Valve’s economist to sort out Greek economy

r846248_7947263Computer game outfit Valve’s economist Yanis Varoufakis is to be Greece’s new finance minister and tasked with the chore of sorting out the country’s stuffed up economy.

Yanis Varoufakis originally had the job of analyse and improving Valve’s  Steam Market but now has been appointed the new finance minister of Greece.

Obviously, Greece’s Euro debt crisis has been critical to Europe over the last few years as the country tried to save up a bit of cash to pay off its crippling debts. The new Greek government dominated by political party Syriza has pledged to stop starving the country to pay off Germans and the armed forces and start spending again.

The Greek economy was crippled by a high public sector wage and pension commitments and Varoufakis has been chosen to sort out the whole mess – preferably without a famous Greek strike.

While working at Valve, Varoufakis often cited nobel-prize winner Friedrich Hayek and classical liberal and Scottish philosopher and economist Adam Smith, when talking about the fundamentals of capitalism introduced in areas hitherto untouched. “Firms can be seen as oases of planning and command within the vast expanse of the market,” he previously wrote.

No one can say that his new job is not challenging, particularly when your history is making sure that  a computer games company does well and your main enemy is a bunch of fascists called the Golden Dawn.