UK government delays Digital Services and Outcomes framework

delayed-train-sign-web-370x229A last minute hiccup means that resellers will not be able to use the government’s Digital Services and Outcomes framework until mid-April.

For those who came in late, the framework will allow smaller resellers to compete with bigger operations for lucrative government contracts. The framework is in place, but government buyers have been hit with a delay to a landmark framework which means they will be unable to procure from it until the middle of April.

It was supposed to go live on Monday and was supposed to replace the much hated Digital Services Framework. The latter project was killed off at the end of last year after some suppliers joined forces to moan about it.

At the time they said that it procured IT in a way which only considered a provider’s individual staff skills, not what the company as a whole could offer.

So far no reason has been given for the delay but said it wants to “make sure we meet the user needs. Working on the buying journey and building the minimum viable product has been our priority since the framework opened,” it said.

Apparently the government has been testing prototypes in our weekly user research sessions and iterating in response to the feedback.