UK business head honchos to seek new ventures in 2013

officeAlmost a third of British business decision makers want to jack in their jobs for new challenges and more money, a survey has found.

According to AGM Transitions, of the 100 people asked, 31 percent said they were likely or very likely to seek out a new career this year. Money was the main driver to a change, with 37 percent citing this reason, while just under a fifth said they wanted a new challenge.

However, in the current economic climate only 37 percent said they were confident about securing a new role.

Of those hoping to move on, half said they would be turning to job websites, while just over a third said they would rely of newspaper adverts.

A further third said they would use existing business contacts, while the same proportion said head-hunters and recruiters would be their new best friends.

Despite social media increasingly being used for business networking and research purposes, 67 percent still do not use social media to promote or market themselves in the industry.

Finding the right opportunity was the most daunting aspect of changing jobs, with 40 percent admitting to this, while 23 percent said they feared change.