Thin clients have their day

Dell logoAs many as 97 percent of enterprise client device are now thin clients and share continues to grow.

That’s according to market research firm IDC, reporting on sales in the second calendar quarter of this year.

Growth in these type of devices is epected to be 5.8 million units, that’s growth, year on year, of 6.2 percent.

And there’s a trend for enterprises to buy thin clients without operating systems – so called zero clients.  Those types of devices held a 27.9 percent share in Q2 2014, and up 22.8 percent from the first quarter this year.

Windows Embedded OS thin clients hold the lead with 41.6 percent share.

As far as vendors go, Dell (DellWyse) is top of the pile, with a 28.8 percent share. HP has fallen to number two, with 26.5 percent share.  Ncomputing is third at 11.6 percent share, followed by Centerm which has a large share in Chinese markets, and Igel which is strong in western Europe.