Tesco sells 35,000 Hudl tablets in two days

tesco-hudl-tabletTesco’s Hudl tablet went on sale on Monday and now we are hearing that sales have been pretty good – so good, in fact, Tesco could face a shortage next week.

The info comes courtesy of Retail Week’s Jennifer Creevy, who tweeted: “Tesco has sold 35k Hudl tablets in the last 2 days, says boss Phil Clarke – may be short on stock next week.”


In other words, it appears the frugal £119 tablet is doing better than Tesco expected. It costs roughly as much as a white-box tablet, but has the full weight of Tesco behind it, including a proper warranty and RMA, so perhaps Hudl was destined for success.

It’s not just cheap. The Hudl ships with a decent spec, including a 7-inch 1440×900 screen, quad-core A9 processor with Mali 400 graphics and 16GB of storage. It might not be as good as the Nexus 7 or similar big brand tablets, but it is quite a bit cheaper than any of them.