Tanium hits back at poor press

-1x-1The security outfit is being battered more than a Mars Bar in a Scottish chippie lately with stories that   it exposed a hospital’s network during demos and allegations of staff mistreatment.

In letter to customers, Orion Hindawi had to answer allegations that Hindawi mistreats staff, and then by a Wall Street Journal report claiming that it exposed a hospital’s network in demonstrations without its permission.

Hindawi said that that many would be “tired of waking up to the bad Tanium press stories hitting your inbox in the last week.

“I don’t think they’re painting an accurate picture of our company, so I’m reaching out directly to all of you to give our side of this,” he wrote.

Hindawi stressed that Tanium did not have access to its customers’ on-premise installations of Tanium – it is an on-premise solution – unless they have explicitly provided it to the vendor.

It cannot demonstrate customer environments with Tanium, although it could have done more to obscure and anonymise the identity of the specific hospital in question.

But viewers “didn’t connect the demo environment to that customer for years, and we do not believe we ever put our customer at risk with the data we showed”, he said.

Hindawi also addressed reports alleging that he fired workers before they could acquire shares and ridiculed staff in front of their co-workers.

“It is true that I personally can be hard-edged, and that I’ve had to apologise to people at Tanium when I’ve gotten too sharp at times,” he wrote.

“What is not true is that we have a toxic culture. Mission-oriented, hard-charging, disciplined, even intense, but not toxic. We do not belittle each other at work, and it is completely untrue that we fire people to save a few shares of stock.”