Tame Apple Press claims Bendgate is a conspiracy theory

truthDesperate to keep Apple afloat after it released a phone which was easy to bend and break, the Tame Apple Press is actually releasing stories claiming it is all a conspiracy theory “on a par to 9/11.”

BGR  insists that all the videos  you see where the phone is being bent are all doctored, just like the moon landings.  If you are dumb, enough to think that Americans walked on the moon then you are stupid enough to think an iPhone bends, apparently.

It was especially sure that this video, which bends the iPhone 6 Plus so easily that we actually do have a hard time believing the device wasn’t doctored somehow beforehand.

Another video made by Lewis “Unbox Therapy” Hilstenteger’s original video was a fake because of time discrepancies. The time shown from earlier in the video before the phone was bent is later than the time shown in the video after the phone was bent.

However Hilstenteger said that he had to reshoot part of the video because of glare problems, but that is just what “they want you to think.”

BGR reports that fans think that Samsung has hatched an international conspiracy so vast that it’s paid lots of YouTube users to fake bending their iPhones in the exact same way.

To be fair, BGR does say that “obsessing over the nuances of the bent iPhone 6 Plus [videos] in the same way conspiracy theorists obsess over grassy knolls and moon landing videos” is nutty. However, the question is why are the Tame Apple Press unable to accept that Jobs’ Mob made a design flaw?

Why would respectable technology magazines actually try to bury the news that a phone is faulty instead of warning its readers about the problem. So far there is a lot of empiratic evidence that the iPhone6 and iPhone 6+ is structurally weak and susceptible to bending.  It is fairly clear that the conspiracy is not to tell lies about Apple, but to bury the truth which is already out there.