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Sandisk releases enterprise flash drive

Sandisk X300 SSDMemory company Sandisk said it has introduced the X300 solid state disk (SSD), suitable for corporate environments.

The drive uses its X3 flash technology and also builds in nCache 2.0.  This is next generation tiered caching technology that uses SLC and X3 flash blocks to improve life, increase efficience and give faster performance for large organisations.

Those corporate workloads include office productivity apps, media creation, or financial transactions.

The drive becomes available in October and comes in capacities of 128GB, 256GB, 5GB and 1TB.

The drive comes with a dashboard application giving management tools include measuring drive performance, checking the health of the drive, firmware update alerts and embedded applications such as the ability to create exact replicas of old hard drives onto the X300 SSD without the need to re-install operating systems.

No pricing details are available.