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Tories blame ISPs for Sony hack

Mike_WeatherleyEver willing to blame ISPs for any problems in the world, the UK’s Tory government say ISPs are behind the Sony hack.

The Tories are trying to get ISPs to act as unpaid censors to stop anything that someone with a blue rinse might not want to see on the internet.  The ISPs have told them that they can’t be responsible for everything that appears on the internet, so the Tories are trying to convince the world that they really are.

Last week Prime Minster David Cameron claimed that the ISPs were responsible for terrorism because websites from terror groups could be found online.  Before that he claimed they were responsible for child porn, for similar reasons.

Now as the fallout from the Sony hack continues, the UK Prime Minister’s former IP advisor, as “facilitators” web-hosts and ISPs must step up and take some blame.

You would think that someone who advises a Prime Minister about the internet might actually know a little bit about it, but clearly Mike Weatherley MP does not have a clue.

He claims that the ISPs are encouraging internet piracy by allowing stolen films to go down their tubes.

“Piracy is a huge international problem. The recent cyber-attack on Sony and subsequent release of films to illegal websites is just one high-profile example of how criminals exploit others’ Intellectual Property,” Weatherley wrote.

“Unfortunately, the theft of these films – and their subsequent downloads – has been facilitated by web-hosting companies and, ultimately, ISPs who do have to step-up and take some responsibility.”

Of course Cameron’s internet adviser can’t provide detail on precisely why web hosts and ISPs should take responsibility for the work of malicious hackers.  Particularly when these ones appear to be state sponsored.

His theory is that something must be done and it is the ISPs who must do it. Of course he could equally have blamed the Prime Minister’s cat and come up with a more viable reason.

It is also tricky because in the UK almost every major torrent site is already blocked by ISPs.  So in this case it is just Weatherley opening his mouth and letting the wind blow his tongue around.

Tory wants magical protection

alumni_rogues2On the 40th anniversary of the development of Dungeons and Dragons, a Tory politician has called for treasure, weapons and other magical goods in online roleplaying games to be protected by real laws.

Mike Weatherley, who is David Cameron’s chief adviser on things IP, wants those who swipe valuable items in video games to get the same sentences as burglars

It is not clear where the move will leave chaotic evil Elvin thieves who do very else in the games. Weatherley has asked ministers to consider passing a law that would mean people “who steal online items in video games with a real-world monetary value receive the same sentences as criminals who steal real-world items of the same monetary value”.

It is the sort of thing that only a gamer would come up with and Weatherley, the MP for Hove, East Sussex is a Warcraft player himself.

He said that since players can spend serious amounts of real-world cash on items, even though they exist only online, they should be offered the same protection as victims of theft in the world of solid objects.

“If you’ve spent £500 building up your armed forces and someone takes them away online, I guess you can feel hard done-by and you want your £500 back,” he told Buzzfeed.

Weatherley said that it was important that people lose the perception from some people is that if you steal online it is less of a crime than if you steal physically.

It could equally cause a few problems. In 2008, a woman in Tokyo realised her virtual husband had divorced her without warning, and as revenge she used the man’s login information to delete his avatar. She effectively committed virtual murder although she was jailed for “illegally accessing a computer and manipulating electronic data”.

A Dutch court has ruled that virtual goods are real goods and that if you steal them you have committed a real theft.