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Digital secretary talks up May’s Brexit deal

Desperate to prove that Theresa May’s Brexit deal is not the lame duck that the pundits claim, DCMS Secretary of State Jeremy Wright has claimed it will “provide the UK’s booming £130 billion digital sector with the certainty it needs to continue to thrive”.

The digital and tech industries employ more than 2.1 million people across the UK, and Wright says that the continuation of free-flowing data is vital to “both our economy and security”.

May’s Brexit gets Microsoft’s backing

Home Secretary Theresa MaySoftware king of the world Microsoft has thrown its considerable weight behind Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

Writing in her bog,  Microsoft’s UK managing director Cindy Rose said the deal was in Vole’s interest because it allowed the “free flow” of data in and out of the UK.

“Many of our customers and partners operate businesses that rely on Microsoft’s cloud computing services. These businesses require the frictionless flow of data across borders in order to operate effectively.  We have consistently advocated to the government the need to ensure this data flow continues post-Brexit.”

UK extends terror laws to ISPs

Home Secretary Theresa MayThe UK Home Secretary Theresa May will unveil additional powers to curb terrorism on Wednesday and those will cover ISPs (internet service providers) too.

Companies will have to tell police who was using a PC or a mobile phone and as part of the proposed bill, ISPs will have to keep IP data that links users to their devices.

The additional powers were originally part of the so-called “snoopers’ charter” which was abandoned after widespread protests.

May claims that the proposal will help it fight terror suspects, paedophiles, hackers, and crooks.  She made the case over the weekend that police should be able to access far more communication data in the snopers’ charter, which was rejected by the Tory Party’s coalition partner, the Liberal Democrats.

However, the head of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, said the latest moves were acceptable and reasonable.