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DLink routers vulnerable to Bulgarian exploit

khankrumA Bulgarian ethical hacker has found a hole in the firmware of DLink routers which make them vulnerable to remote changing of DNS settings and, effectively, traffic hijacking.

Todor Donev, a member of the Ethical Hacker research team, says that the vulnerability is found in the ZynOS firmware of the device, D-Link’s DSL-2740R ADSL modem/wireless router. more»

Google sunk by the US dollar and Facebook

eric-schmidt-testimonyThe cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street clutched the spaces where their hearts should be after the search engine Google announced that its revenue growth had been stalled by the strong US dollar.

Google’s revenue grew 15 percent in the fourth quarter but fell short of Wall Street’s target thanks to declining online ad prices and unfavorable foreign exchange rates. more»

Cloud becomes less nebulous

Clouds in Oxford: pic Mike MageeA survey of 125 UK based IT managers and chief information officers (CIOs) has revealed that cloud apps are more widely used than often thought.

Centrix Software hired market research firm Vanson Bourne to undertake the survey.

Even though 90 percent of the organisations surveyed have cloud based apps, the IT folk are concerned about managing cloud apps and about duplication of app features. more»