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Avnet finishes Tech Data UK integration early

The BorgAvnet will have finished its Tech Data UK integration by the start of November.

For those who came in late, Tech Data closed its Avnet TS buyout in February this year, and thought that the scale of both businesses would mean that full integration could take up to 12 months.

However, Belgium, Iberia and Italy are already integrated and France and the UK should be completed by the beginning of November, the company said.

By the end of this calendar year, approximately two thirds of the business will be fully integrated.

That did not mean that the integration had not been complex, and Avnet is still checking with customers and vendors if things went ok.

The $2.6 billion deal gave the distributor a presence in the APAC region and boosted its employee count to 14,000 employees across 40 countries globally.

Tech Data will phase out its Azlan brand by the end of Q1 2018, citing the results of a brand study, which discovered that no one in Europe could recognise Azlan in a line-up.

“Awareness of Azlan’s reputation was only recognised in only a limited number of countries, mainly the UK and a bit in France. It was not consistent, so our study recommended putting Tech Data at the front as a master brand”,  the company said.