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Oracle snaps up Talari

It seems everyone wants a slice of SD-WAN – now Oracle has bought Talari to spruce up its offering.

For those who came in late the SD-WAN market has become one of those spaces that have the analysts predicting great growth. Now Oracle has acquired Talari. Talari has been actively pitching itself as a channel-friendly SD-WAN option, initially working with networking specialists but then attracting more activity with resellers with unified comms specialisms.Douglas Suriano, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications Global Business Unit, said that the deal would combine the SD-WAN technology with its network management offering.

“Talari’s Failsafe SD-WAN solution complements Oracle’s enterprise communications portfolio by delivering high availability and Quality-of-Experience connectivity and cloud application access across any IP network with the reliability and predictability of private networks,” he said.

CEO of Talari Networks, Patrick Sweeney said that SD-WAN played a significant role in digital transformation projects and it came to Oracle with a 500 enterprise strong customer base across 40 countries.

“When the transaction closes, we’ll serve a vastly expanded landscape with Oracle, Both company’s customers will be the beneficiaries of this transaction.”