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Intel carries on wasting money

Intel Q4_14_ResultsChip giant Intel is being stubborn about its mobile strategy and will continue to throw money at the problem.
The firm has attempted to make headway in the tablet and smartphone market but has wasted around $7 billion so far without very much result.
Now, according to Taiwanese wire Digitimes, there’s evidence that Intel is going to carry on wasting money in a segment that has brought it nothing but woe so far.
Digitimes said that it is in cahoots with Chinese firms Spreadtrum and Rockchip and wants to continue to compete with Qualcomm and Mediatek in these markets.
The report claimed that it has licensed its X86 tech to both companies in a bid to ramp up its mobile business.
The report said Spreadtrum will release a number of system on a chip devices in the second half of this year.
Intel apparently wants to be a leader in the much hyped “internet of things”.


Intel invests $1.5 billion in Chinese chip firm

Intel-logoChip behemoth Intel said it will plunge $1.5 billion into a Chinese company called Tsinghua Unigroup.

The firm is wholly state owned but funded by Tsinghua University.

The chip giant said it and Tsinghua have signed a series of agrements with the aim of expanding products for Intel mobile device in China and worldwide.

The two companies will jointly develop architecture and communications devices for mobiles.  The Intel investment will give it a 20 percent minority stake of the holding company.

It’s complicated but Tsinghua Holdings control two companies Spreadtrum and RDA, which are fabless semi conductors making chipsets for smartphones and the like.

One of the joint agreements is that Spreatrum will create and sell Inel based system n a chip products (SoCs), with products available in the second half of next year.

Brian Krzanich, Intel’s CEO, said China is biggest market for smartphones and has the biggest number of net users too.