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Half of companies to outsource security

funny-security-guardNearly half of companies plan to outsource their security opening the way for managed security service providers (MSSPs) according to research from service management software provider SolarWinds .

SolarWinds is a managed service provider (MSP) so the results are not entirely unexpected, but the results come from a survey with 401 UK and US enterprises in a report called ‘The Path to MSSP’.

From its findings, 60 percent of respondents are currently managing all or part of their security internally but of those, 82 percent are likely to outsource in the next year.

Out of those likely to outsource, 42 percent  cited cost and 40 percent performance as the main drivers for this decision. Those who are likely to outsource also make up 49 percent of all the respondents and the report highlights how MSSPs can take advantage of this opportunity.

The difference between MSSPs and managed service providers (MSPs) is that the former meet various criteria in four categories: infrastructure, risk and vulnerability management, data security and identity and access management. The majority of businesses in the report preferred a security specialist to an MSP, with 70 percent agreeing that it would give them ‘more trust in their security capabilities’.

Tim Brown, vice president of security architecture at SolarWinds MSP, said that daily reports of security issues were forcing businesses to examine their protection measures.

“This creates nervousness amongst enterprises and SMEs and greater scrutiny of the IT security measures in place. Where there is market turbulence, there is also opportunity, and the good news for IT service providers is that this has resulted in almost half of all businesses planning to outsource their security needs to specialists”, he said.

“However, IT service providers need to remember that more opportunity inherently means more competition. Providers need to be able to prove their knowledge, capabilities, and available resources to take full advantage.”


SolarWinds buys LogicNow

spockSolarWinds has bought out IT services management outfit LogicNow to beef up its managed service provider offerings.

It merges SolarWinds N-Able and LogicNow, which will create a new business SolarWinds MSP. Already it claims that it will be the only provider that can offer both cloud-based and on premise solutions. It says it has five million endpoints and a million mailboxes.

The combined firms hire 750 staff and have more than 18,000 MSPs as customers.

Kevin Thompson, president and chief executive officer of SolarWinds said that his outfit is committed to the growing MSP market and has “realised great success” through the acquisition of N-able. Buying LogicNow was apparently logical.

“SolarWinds MSP, combining the capabilities of LogicNow and SolarWinds N-able, will offer MSPs a complete set of IT service management solutions via the cloud and on premises delivery models. SolarWinds MSP gives them everything they need to acquire and retain profitable clients, deliver outstanding levels of service and maximise their internal efficiency through standardisation of their toolsets and the use of automation,” he said.

LogicNow chief executive officer Walter Scott has the new job of being an executive VP for SolarWinds MSP. He said that the firm can provide “ever-greater support to customers as they differentiate their services and look to achieve faster, more profitable business growth.”