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Internet of Things promises analytics boom

Internet of ThingsThe growth of devices with internet protocol (IP) capabilities will generate a boom in big data and analytics revenue.
That’s the prediction from ABI Research which said in a report that integrating, analysing and storing data from the internet of things (IoT) will be worth as much as $5.7 billion this year.
That figure will expand over the next five years and represent a third of all big data and analytics revenues, the research outfit predicts.
Analyst Aapo Markkanen said that trying to make sense of data from machines and sensors has its own challenges, including deep domain expertise in analysis and time series databases held in storage.
That is leading to the birth of many startups aiming to exploit a gap in the market.
Some existing vendors including Datawatch, Informatics, Software AG and Splunk are ready for the IoT world.


Sassy developments and cloudy outcomes emerge

clouds3Businesses needing to implement new processes and procedures across different sites may well be thanking their lucky stars today, after German software colossus Software AG unveiled something called Process Live.

Process Live is described as “a cloud based service integrating social collaboration with process improvement”, which loosely means that you can put things like your HR services (contracts, hiring and firing) in the cloud and make them available across different territories – rather than locking them away in separate systems where no one can find what they need.

Being software-as-a-service (SaaS), Process Live is intended to offer Software AG’s customers all the usual benefits of scaling up as well as down, instant switching on and off, and so on.

Singapore-based management consultancy firm, the Litmus Group, is using Process Live and Fabian Erbach, Partner at Litmus quoted by Software AG thus: “Process Live gives us the opportunity to start process improvement projects immediately and to dynamically scale them based on demand and maturity.”

“We are giving access to the speed and accuracy of a process driven business to departments and organisations of any size”, said Software AG CTO Wolfram Jost. “With a fully scalable investment model, business users have direct access to powerful process improvement tools when and for how long they need them – without having to involve the IT department.”

The launch of Process Live took place at Software AG’s user conference, Innovation World, which was held in San Francisco.