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Calxeda tech gets second life

calxeda_energy_core_handTechnology from Calxeda, which shut down last year, is being  repackaged and built by Silver Lining Systems.

Last year founder Barry Evans shuttered Calxeda which pioneered low-power ARM-based chips for use in servers for scale-out data centre environments. At the time, the industry was not interested. In December 2013, Calxeda ran out of money when financing fell through.

A year later Calxeda’s technology is re-emerging with a company called Silver Lining Systems (SLS), which is developing compute and storage servers that will use the IP Calxeda developed. It will introduce those systems early next year.

Evans told EWeek that it was exciting to see the technology he helped create, which many in the industry thought was gone, re-enter the highly competitive market. He is working with Silver Lining as adviser.

SLS is the cloud subsidiary of AtGames Cloud Holdings, a 13-year-old cloud gaming vendor that last year was developing systems based on Calxeda technology. When the company shut down, AtGames wanted to continue to develop its systems, so it bought Calxeda’s assets and found a home for them in Silver Lining, which was created by AtGames as part of a larger R&D effort to build scale-out cloud compute capabilities.

Silver Lining is working with ARM and Foxconn it has run successful proof-of-concept projects, and the systems will be introduced in early 2015, according to an email sent to media outlets.