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Skeleton Key exposes password flaws

skeletonsSecureWorks, the security arm of Dell, has found malware which it has dubbed “Skeleton Key” which shows up weaknesses in the password system.

The attack consists of installing rogue software within Active Directory, and the malware then allows attackers to login as any user on the domain without the need for further authentication. more»

Google chucks rocks in glass house

obj058aIt seems that there is a large amount of pot calling kettle black when it comes to security.

Last month, Google angered Microsoft by releasing the details of a security vulnerability ahead of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday. Microsoft said that the patch was set to be released two days after Google went live with the details and that they refused to wait an extra 48 hours so that the patch would have been released along with the details of the exploit. more»

Crooks stole 61 million customer records

IBM logoResearch from IBM said that in 2014 cyber attackers stole 61 million records from retailers.

But that’s just in the USA.

IBM’s survey said that there had been a 50 percent decline in attacks on retail web sites in 2014.

The report said that even though the number of cyber attacks had fallen, the attacks have become much more sophisticated. more»

Quantum theory may help net security

National-Security-Agency--008Scientists at the Griffith University in Queensland claim quantum physics will help protect data on the internet.

The researchers said that so-called “quantum steering” can be used to improve data security over long distances.

Project leader Professor Geoff Pryde boasts that the method his team are engineering promises “absolutely secure information transfer”. more»

Worm found at nuclear control system

Shin Kori nuclear power plant, South Korea: Wikimedia CommonsA South Korean company was hit by what authorities described as a low risk computer worm.

The Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co was hit by a hack earlier this month and data stolen from its system.

But the South Korea energy ministry said today that the control systems for three nuclear reactors were unaffected by the hack, according to a Reuters report. more»

A British telco hacked my browser

wargames-hackerTop British telcos are hijacking their customers’ browsers to make sure that David Cameron’s anti-porn filter rules are enforced.

BT, Sky, and Virgin Media are struggling to get customers to say yes or no to the controversial adult content blocks, because unlike David Cameron, the majority of customers are happy with being able to see what they like. more»

Chips with built in security go postal

smartphones-genericABI Research believes that by the end of this year processors including embedded security technology will reach the billion mark.

Vendors are building in the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) will reach 366 million as part of that figure.

The shipments are driven by governments, financial service companies and other enterprises largely to ensure secure ID and payments. more»