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Huawei denies having secrets

GodSilenceHuawei’s UK and Ireland chief security officer told its UK and Ireland partner summit that it had no secrets from anyone.

David Francis admitted some partners’ customers might not be sure about the red flag outside Huawei’s headquarters but they should have confidence in the security of Huawei product and services.

Huawei gave up on the US market after it and fellow Chinese vendor ZTE were banned from bidding for US government contracts due to concerns over espionage. Some UK government departments were told to stop using Huawei’s videoconferencing systems in internal meetings.

Francis said that Huawei was committed to openness and collaboration and when it spoke about security, it need to differentiate between real security, which is based on facts, evidence and analysis, and the illusion of security, which is whatever you fancy talking about in the pub.

Francis claimed Huawei was the first company to publicly publish how it addresses cybersecurity.

He said that the company was committed to working collaboratively with the industry and sharing information with no secrets.