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Ryanair to swap Microsoft for AWS

Software King of the World Microsoft has received a vote of no confidence in its cloud ambitions after Budget airline Ryanair decided to ditch its data centres and shift its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services.

The bucket shop which often charges you more for your baggage than the actual ticket, already uses the Amazon cloud for sections of its business – such as its website Ryanair.com and Ryanair Rooms – but will now shift the rest of its data into it over the next three years.

Ryanair also plans to set up a data lake on Amazon’s S3 service that will useAmazon Kinesis to gain insights from customers and its broader business. It will ditch Microsoft SQL Server and switch to Amazon Aurora for its European email marketing campaigns.

Ryanair CTO, John Hurley said that it wanted to work with the world’s leading cloud to develop and deliver services that will transform customers’ travel experiences.  This will involve rebuilding core applications, converting data into actionable insights, and creating intelligent applications; we are putting the solutions in place to continue our leadership in the travel industry.

Ryanair will also work with AWS’s ML Solutions Lab to create an application that detects surges in demand for specific flights and predicts changes to flight schedules.