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Razer teams up with Lenovo

Lenovo_Y_Series_Razer_Edition_Gaming_Desktop_Prototype_2.0.0It what appears to be a key partnership, Chinese maker of the Thinkpad, Lenovo, is tying the knot with gaming outfit Razer.

The pair told the DreamHack Winter 2015 conference in Sweden, that first product from the partnership will be the Razer Edition of the Lenovo Y Series gaming desktop. Images show a Y series tower case sporting Razer’s green glow, along with its ‘Chroma’ lighting at the base.

It is not clear which channel is going to be used to get the gaming gear out to the great unwashed as both have fairly strong European distributions.

Traditional PC makers are starting to see value in gaming compueters which seem to have ignored the drift toward doom that other PC hardware has seen.

Lenovo, which is the top seller of PCs,  first unveiled its Y Series at the IFA trade show in September this year.

It’s unclear exactly what technologies Razer will bring to the partnership. According to a press statement Lenovo said that Razer would “enhance the immersive experience for gamers.”

The gaming PC outfit has proprietary software products designed around in-game chat, gaming audio and a cloud service for game settings, all of which may prove to be of high interest to Lenovo.

There are two Y series desktops currently offered by Lenovo, the Y700 and Y900, as well as six gaming laptops and some accessories.

The first of the Razer Edition series will be launched at CES 2016 in January, with “multiple new designs and products” coming from the partners in the near future.