DataLase does deal with PARC

xerox-parc-alto-personal-workstation-1973-bwInline digital printer DataLase has signed a strategic partnership with PARC.

The companies will work together to develop photonic printing solutions based on the DataLase award-winning laser-reactive colour-change pigment technologies. A celebratory ceremony took place at PARC last week.

The deal will accelerate the development of new laser-based hardware solutions that are optimised for use with DataLase colour-change pigment technology to digitally print variable data on a variety of products and packaging.

DataLase, a SATO company, will collaborate with PARC to advance its inkless multi-colour Infinity technology platform and has signed a lease agreement to establish a pioneering development office and innovation suite to operate from inside the PARC facility in Silicon Valley, California.

Andy Wragg, CEO at DataLase, said: “Working at PARC will give DataLase and our parent company, SATO, access to cutting-edge technology facilities to develop new and unique photonic printing solutions, based on our latest colour change pigment technologies. We will also have access to other pioneering and innovative companies and technological advances that will extend our capability to deliver unique solutions that connect brand owners with consumers around the world.”

PARC provides breakthrough capabilities that very few organisations can deliver, he reckons. Working with strategic partners to help develop innovative solutions, PARC helps take the risk out of deploying technologies and strategies that could revolutionise entire industries.

The new multi-colour Infinity platform will revolutionise the way that brand owners can connect with consumers through products and packaging. Digital printing of variable data and the personalisation of products is a rapidly growing trend as consumers demand special relevance from brand-driven marketing campaigns. Integrating printing at the point in the supply chain where it creates the most value for the brand is a key challenge faced by the industry, but inkless solutions based on database technology can meet these increasing demands. Applications for the variable printing of text, graphics, and barcodes on labels, flexible film, and folding cartons can all benefit from this unique solution.

PARC Printing Innovation Portfolio Manager Antonio Williams said that its open innovation business model worked well with DataLase.

“We’re excited to have their team here at PARC collaborating with our researchers to develop the inkless multi-colour photonic print technology. DataLase is bringing a unique solution to market, and we are looking forward to working together.”