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Digital content worth $57 billion plus

ukflagThe worth of digital content in 2013 amounted to $57 billion, and that’s just for seven countries surveyed.

According to market research company IHS, global spending on digital games, apps and online movies was up by 30 percent from the 2012 figure of $44 billion. It looked at markets in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia and France.

Online movies saw growth of 21 percent in 2013, with a worth of $8 billion.  The US is the clear leader in digital content spend, but there were large gains in game app spend in Japan and South Korea.

The UK has one of the strongest online music markets, said IHS. And it’s also the leading European country for total digital content spend and spend per capita.  While there was a strong growth in game apps in 2013 in the UK, that sector didn’t exceed the spend on online music.

The USA has the widest spread of content spend and the most devices per capita across the broadest range of devices, said IHS.