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HP scores huge Scottish contract

d0c5a0b6998666e50be87b41d1a5e246The former maker of expensive printer ink, the much divided HP, has been awarded single-supplier status on a £90 million Scottish framework project.

The cannae plan involves setting up a Desktop Client Devices and Associated Services framework across public sector organisations across Scotland, including health bodies, local authorities, universities and colleges, and other public organistaions.

According to the contract award notice from Scottish Procurement Under the deal HP will supply a range of mobile devices, tablets, other hardware and peripherals, will last for four years and is expected to be worth up to £90m.

HP  was named the single supplier in the notice but what is strange about the deal is that HP is keeping quiet about it all. It is not clear if HP has put its partners on alert that it will be needing them or asking for them to put in bids for the work.

In previous paperwork about the framework,  Scottish Procurement listed the benefits the framework will offer public bodies, including pricing which is “significantly lower” than that offered in the current market; fixed pricing for the duration of the framework; and “transactional efficiencies”, meaning e-procurement methods will be used.

Scotland gets its own domain

scotEven though the referendum for Scotland to become an independent state got the thumbs down last week, today domains with the .scot suffix will be available.

Both the NHS Scotland and the Yes Scotland and Better Together have already registered .scot domains, now anyone will be able to sign up to use the suffix.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, John Swinney, financial secretary of the Scottish government, the primary address for the Scottish government will become www.gov.scot in the next few months.

And a survey said that 71 percent of Scottish consumers are more likely to buy goods and services from firms using .scot addresses. That’s likely to result in a rush for businesses to sign up for Scottish addresses.

But you don’t have to live in Scotland to register the .scot domain – you can pay your £20 or £30 if you feel you or your business have an affinity with the country.