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Government rumoured to be delaying G-Cloud 10

Ominous Clouds over Dublin CityThe dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which says that G-Cloud 9 will be extended by 12 months next week, with G-Cloud 10 now delayed until  May 2019.

G-Cloud 9 was supposed to end on 22 May but now the government is mulling over an extension and is expected to confirm it soon.  The question is why and it is believed that framework has suffered since Tony Singleton moved on.

The worry is that there might be “very significant” problems with G-Cloud which will leave suppliers burnt, while many expected an extension they did not expect the full 12 months.

Each time there is a new G-Cloud there are more than 700 new SME suppliers join. Suppliers cannot be added in the middle of an iteration, meaning they have to wait and apply for the next version. New products and services can not be added mid-iteration, meaning these also have to wait for the next incarnation to launch.

Another issue is that this shows that the government’s so-called commitment to technology is inconsistent and not transparent.  Some suppliers are muttering that the government claims it has an industrial strategy where tech SMEs are seen as vital, and yet the Cabinet Office and Crown Commercial Service are deciding internally whether they’re really going to do something which damages the growth of the same sector.

Delays will cause pricing issues for suppliers because prices are locked in when a G-Cloud iteration goes live and can able to be changed when a new iteration launches.

150 suppliers awarded a spot on government framework

ukflagOver 150 suppliers have been awarded a spot on the new  government framework which could net them up to £3 billion in government contracts.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS), which runs the Technology Services 2 (TS2) framework, sent out intention to award notices to successful suppliers and started a standstill period. About 162 suppliers are set to be awarded a spot on the framework when the standstill period ends, with 15 bidders not making the cut.

The framework will see a range of IT services provided to central and local government and is estimated to be worth of £1-£3 billion.  Prevous frameworks have only managed £200 million which was awarded to 85 suppliers.

TS2 is broken down into four Lots, with Lot 3 and Lot 4 broken down further into sub-categories. Suppliers had been left waiting by CCS, with intention to award notices missing their estimated receipt date of 7 August.

A Cabinet Office spokesperson confirmed that the CCS was behind schedule, but added that the notices would be sent out by the end of the week.