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CDNetworks wins EU Automation contract

cdnetworks-helps-organizations-expand-their-global-online-presence-with-faster-websites-1-638Content delivery network (CDN) and cloud security provider CDNetworks,  has won a big contract with EU Automation to support the international delivery of its website and internal web-based assets.

As part of EU Automation’s global expansion, CDNetworks is playing an instrumental role in helping it reach one of the world’s largest online markets, China.

EU Automation supplies new, reconditioned and obsolete machine parts to a variety of well-known brands in 135 countries including Mitsubishi, Siemens or Nestlé.

It needs a fast performing website as every minute of downtime inevitably impacts their bottom line. Customers need to be able to access EU Automation’s website quickly and order new parts in a fast, timely manner – any delays could further impact its revenues.

EU Automation recently made the decision to host its internal web-based assets in the cloud, showing stock levels in real-time and processing orders immediately is essential to getting customers back up and running as quickly as possible.

EU Automation decided to use CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration and SSL and Cloud DNS products to improve its web performance, keep its website and web-assets secure, as well as ensure the high-quality performance of its websites and assets across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Jonathan Wilkins, Head of Marketing at EU Automation said that the success of EU Automation was down to how quickly it is able to respond to its  customers.  “We know they need machine parts urgently, and can be losing hundreds of thousands of pounds during downtime. Our website must be able to process orders fast.”

Wilkins added:  “We chose to partner with CDNetworks not only because of its content delivery technology, but because of its expert knowledge and experience of launching websites in Asia Pacific – a market that was core to our international expansion plans. CDNetworks is a true partner, and the guidance and support it has given us during our international journey has been a key factor to our success.”

Chris Townsley, EMEA Director, CDNetworks said that in markets like China, where there is huge potential but where slow website speeds are commonplace, many European companies find it hard to navigate the landscape.

“We are happy to have helped EU Automation on its journey not only to international expansion, but to conquering the largest online marketplace, and look forward to continuing this journey together.”