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Veritas does not think Dell’s EMC mash up was a good thing


img287110241024-580x358Dell’s merger with EMC sparked much mirth at its rival,  Veritas.

The wags at Veritas mashed up a picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and celebrity Kim Kardashian in the process to have a dig at Michael Dell’s efforts.

Mike Palmer, executive vice president and chief product officer at Veritas, used his keynote address to talk about “data monsters” and displayed six such ‘monsters’ on the big screen: Mike and Sully from Monsters, Shrek, Frankenstein’s monster, Stripe from Gremlins, the Night King from Game of Thrones and finally an image which blended the faces of Kim Jong-un and Kim Kardashian.

He said that it had created each ‘monster’ to demonstrate a different type of data threat. For Mike and Sully, Palmer said: “Some monsters learn how to add value in society, such as these guys who eventually created energy through laughter”, while the likes of Stripe transformed into something evil and were “not as well intentioned”.

The Jong-un-Kardashian mash-up was all about Dell and EMC. “I got this from Dell EMC. They went to the Kim Jong-un school of sales training, realised that sort of dictatorial hardware image isn’t what they wanted, so they mashed it up with Kim Kardashian and that is what we got.”