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Clinton asks government to disclose emails

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 15.01.53Following a report earlier this week that Hillary Clinton used a private email system to conduct government business, she said late last night that she wants the State Department to release all the emails.

Clinton is widely expected to run for president of the US in 2016.

She had been using an email server in her house when she was Secretary of State, and the State Department asked her to supply all those records.

And there are a lot of records – she provided the government department with 55,000 pages of emails.

The State Department said it is reviewing the emails she provided but because of the volume, that may take some time.

Clinton tweeted last night that she wanted the public to see her emails. In a tweet she said she has asked the State Department to release them and they will review them for release.


Jeb Bush leaks supporters details

JebBushFunnyFaceFormer Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who is trying to position himself as a master of tech,  has made a serious of blunders almost as inspired and clever as his brother’s.

Bush touts his technical prowess, referring to himself as “The eGovernor” for how easy it was to email with him when he was in office.  He is expected to declare his desire to run for president in 2016, but he’s already created a major privacy blunder.

Bush’s latest project, which is designed to show the world that he is really hip and knows technology, is called Jeb Emails.  It is a huge open database of correspondence to and from his jeb@jeb.org email address, publishes the names, messages, and email addresses of his constituents who emailed him during his eight years in office.

However it is a huge misuse of the data sent to him because people did not expect them to be made public.

One woman said that she emailed Governor Bush when the state was going through the initial insurance crisis but she never gave permission to publish the emails.

She was a little embarrassed that one of the emails showed her worried about “illegal immigrants” as her feelings had changed on that subject and she hated to unduly upset anyone.

However he has had two internet related cock-ups in as many days from his campaign. His office admitted that they had asked their new Chief Technology Officer to delete jokes he’d tweeted about “sluts”.

Now the Verge  has uncovered emails that contain Social Security numbers, home addresses, and other personal information from Floridians.

Ireland to hand over stored emails to USA

irelandThe Irish government told the Americans that it is OK for them to use a treaty to ask it to turn over emails stored in Irish servers.

Microsoft is appealing a search warrant in the US for private email communications located in the company’s facility in Dublin, arguing that US law does not allow the government to issue search warrants to obtain customer data stored overseas.

But the Irish have been telling the court that while it should respect “Irish sovereignty” there was another way that the US could get the email out of Microsoft.

Ireland has a legal treaty with the US which would require it to hand over any emails as part of a criminal case anyway.

Ireland is citing an existing mutual legal assistance treaty with the U.S. that law enforcement can use to obtain the email. In its brief Ireland said it “would be pleased to consider, as expeditiously as possible, a request under the treaty, should one be made”.

Dara Murphy, Ireland’s minister for data protection, ahead of the filing said that the right of individuals to the protection of their personal data is an essential foundation for modern society and the growing digital economy.”

“We must ensure that individuals and organisations can have confidence in the rules and processes that have been put in place to safeguard privacy.”

In other words, while Ireland is happy to hand over the emails, it can’t be done by a US court ordering anyone about.  It has to be done through the proper channels and at diplomatic levels.

Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith said in a blog post that the warrant the US government wants means that US law enforcement has authority on Irish territory, something that can be done only with the consent of the Irish government.

It would set a dangerous precedent if the US court allows it. It will mean that US laws will effectively apply in other countries – ironically meaning that the mantra used by the US revolutionary’s about “no taxation without representation” is actually now referring to them.


One in six emails goes missing

Penny Black - Wikimedia CommonsA survey has revealed that one in every six email messages never reaches peoples’ inboxes.

Return Path surveyed nearly 500 million messages from email marketers who have requested to be sent messages, and found that 11 percent of all emails goes missing while another six percent go straight into peoples’ spam or junk folders.

No region scores more than 90 percent getting emails into the inboxes, but some countries are worse than others.

Australian and German senders failed to deliver one in eight messages.  Brazilians only get two thirds of the messages they’re sent.  The UK and the US fare better, with 87 percent gliding through the interweb.

The company has also surveyed the type of email client.  Apparently Gmail inboxes are happy to receive commercial messages – as long as those messages were put in the Promotions tab.

The survey showed that in November 2013 over 50 percent of email messages were read on mobile devices such as the iPhone or the iPad.