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McAfee might miff Intel

mcafeeIntel might be a little cross that his royal weirdness John McAfee has created a fairly sleazy video explaining how to remove its security software from a PC.

According to the video, a drug taking McAfee is fed up with getting emails from people asking him how to get his software off their machines.

In a NSFW video he points out he flogged the company to Chipzilla ages ago, but gives are the instructions on how to get rid of the software.

In the video he is seen snorting certain substances and consorting with some very nice ladies in a state of undress.  McAfee, not the ladies.

Our thought is that while it is probably announced that McAfee is shafting his old brand, they are probably missing his presents at board meetings.    Er that should be presence.

Anyway it is clear that McAfee has not let his brush with the law get him down and is up to his old tricks now that he is back in the US.