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SMEs getting good at IT DIY

Bent AxeDespite not getting any computer training, UK SMEs are dab hands at IT DIY, according to a new survey.

The survey commissioned by TalkTalk Business shows that more than 40 per cent of SME staff get no training at all, yet 62 per cent will try and tackle IT dilemmas before calling someone else in.

Tech trouble causes two hours of downtime per employee each week and more than more than two-thirds of people believe tech-smart staff are valued more highly.

More than half admit that IT training would make them more efficient.

IT is not as if they find it easy. Office workers admit that it’s not just specialist software that causes trouble more than 47 percent say hardware issues are ‘very challenging’, and nine percent of respondents even say they struggle with commonplace software such as spreadsheet packages.

Charles Bligh, Managing Director of TalkTalk Business said that the UK SME workforce is a nation of amateur DIY technicians despite a lack of formalised training.

The research, which reveals the extent of UK business’ tech skills gap and its impact on small businesses, suggests that if SMEs that give more priority to IT training will gain the equivalent of one extra member of staff for every 20 employees.

Bligh said that addressing the skills gap effectively is the key to unlocking any investment in technology.