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European SMEs suffering from more ransomware attacks

Malware, Wikimedia CommonsBusinesses in Europe are suffering more than their global counterparts according to Datto’s latest European State of the Channel Ransomware Report,

The report said that more than 84 percent of European MSPs reported ransomware attacks against their SME customers –a higher percentage than on all other continents.

Although hackers are turning to banking trojans, cryptomining and other increasingly sophisticated attacks, ransomware is still the number one threat for businesses. Hackers have upped their game by attacking more frequently but demanding less ransom.

Datto automates updates and patches

Datto – which provides IT through Managed Service Providers (MSPs), announced the global availability of Datto RMM 6.5, which helps MSPs provide reliable security services through improved remote endpoint software patch management.

The big idea is to tackle endpoint attacks which are up up 20 percent on last year, costing businesses millions, Proper endpoint patching is seen as the first line of defence for businesses worldwide. Datto RMM 6.5 will help MSPs better address the security needs of their customers’ IT environments, the company claims.

A part of Datto Business Management, Datto RMM is a cloud remote monitoring and management solution for MSPs. It allows MSPs to manage the IT infrastructure of small and medium businesses remotely with automation tools such as network monitoring, patch management, and remote control.

Datto appoints Tim Weller as CEO

Datto has announced the appointment of Tim Weller as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Weller succeeds Founder Austin McChord who got away from the daily management of the company but continues as a board member.

A Spokesdatto said that Weller will assume the position immediately, providing a seamless transition from his interim role of leading Datto’s Executive Team over the last two months.

Ransomware clean-up causes MSPs headaches

Datto research has found that MSPs are reporting attacks on their customer base with 84 percent being hit causing a major clean-up problem.

The Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report found that the impact of an attack was often ten times more costly than the ransom demanded by the criminals, with businesses losing $46,800 on average against payments of $4,300.

Apple SMEs more vulnerable to Ransomware attacks

SMEs who base their systems around Apple software and hardware are more likely to be taken down in ransomware attacks according to a new study.

Datto Businesses third annual Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report said that there was a fivefold increase in the number of MSPs reporting ransomware attacks on macOS and iOS platforms over the last year.

Datto sticks to an indirect model

Andrew Allen of Aabyss

While other vendors hum and haw about whether it’s better to sell their kit to their “partners” while they knife them in the back by circumventing the channel, it seems to ChannelEye that Datto really does stick to its last.

Last, as more literate readers of this online paper will know, is an archaic word for a shoemaker’s model for repairing a boot or a shoe. And if the shoe fits

Six Datto delegates stuck in a lift with Mad Mike

If you’re in the IT business, just imagine being stuck in an elevator with Mad Mike Magee. That’s what happened today to a bunch of Datto delegates.

Well that’s what just happened here in the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I, here in Barcelona, on the seventh floor.

Fittingly, perhaps, one of the delegates is from a company called Aabyss. But

Datto founder quits

Austin McChord

The CEO and founder of Datto said today that he is going to quit these posts but will still remain on the board of directors.

Austin McChord said that he founded Datto 11 years ago when he was stuck in a basement, but has now grown the company into a behemoth with 1,400 employees with 14,000 managed service providers.

“I’m proud of the company we have built”, he said.

The company is now actively hunting down a replacement CEO but in the meantime chief operating officer Tim Weller will run the company.

Datto continues channel growth

Dattocon opened, as so many of these IT conferences do, with a lot of flashing lights and noise. This conference held by Datto in Barcelona is really aimed at its MSPs, and there’s plenty of them here, along, of course with a load of vendors, hoping to help you keep your Office 365 and other IT products secure.

Datto wants to recruit more MSPs, and there’s a heap of vendors here seeking to woo the attendees here.

The firm said that it has recruited 750 MSPs in the European territory since the beginning of this year, and that’s a 40 percent increase year on year.

Datto sees exceptional growth

Datto which packages its IT solutions through managed service providers (MSPs), announced exceptional growth in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The outfit serves small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through more than 3,000 MSP partners. Globally, Datto now serves more than 500,000 SMEs in over 130 countries through over 14,000 MSPs.

Datto said that its increasing investment in EMEA has created a wide-array of partner-focused employees, with product management teams and staff dedicated to building products, servicing, and supporting Datto partners. Datto continues to hire in EMEA.

Datto has recruited over 750 new MSP partners in EMEA since the start of the year, achieving over a 40 percent year-over-year increase.

Datto’s local workforce now has more than 230 European employees located across seven offices. In addition to the company’s data centres in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Iceland, Datto invested in a new data centre in the United Kingdom at the start of 2018, and is opening a new data centre in Germany in the first half of 2019, aiming to migrate European customers’ data in time for Brexit.

Paul Burns, chief technology officer at Technology Services Group said that the Datto and Autotask merger brought together two organisations, which has been fantastic for the channel,” commented.

“As a Datto partner, this is an exciting time for our business, and we are eager to see the rapid innovation cycle continue across all product lines.”

SMEs are increasingly outsourcing their IT needs to MSPs due to continued technology investment and stricter data regulations, providing tremendous growth opportunities for MSPs.

Nearly 90 percent of MSP customers held-up by ransomware

the-highwaymanThe latest state of the channel Ransomware report from Datto indicated that 89 percent of European MSP customers were victims of ransomeware attacks.

The attacks led to downtime, and for a small percentage the ransomware remained in the system and gave customers further grief down the line.

Antivirus software does not seem to be much good at protecting against ransomware and 94 percent of customers attacked said it had not prevented the attacks from happening.

The other problem area for users was around backup and restore. Those that had failed to invest in that technology left with severe headaches trying to get back up and running after a ransomware attack.

Datto thinks that first and foremost the channel education to the SME market had to continue.

Datto SVP Mark Banfield said: “Ransomware attacks are becoming so frequent that the term has recently been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. WannaCry and NotPetya made the headlines last year for their impact on larger firms, but this report highlights just how vulnerable SMBs are,” he said.

“There’s an existing perception that only bigger companies are targeted as they represent higher-value targets, but attacks are now so simple to initiate on a mass scale that cybercriminals no longer discriminate,” he added.

Most of the customers surveyed by Datto also shared their expectations that ransomware attacks would continue in the next couple of years.

“As the sophistication of ransomware variants continues to increase and they bypass traditional prevention measures, SMBs with limited in-house expertise and cyber security tools are struggling. The lack of understanding and capabilities are causing more to fall victim and here lies an opportunity for the channel. MSPs can become trusted partners, providing the ongoing tools, expertise and support required to mitigate ransomware and its impacts,” said Banfield.