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CySure signs up Renaissance Contingency Services

banner_220x220Cybersecurity outfit CySure has signed up Renaissance Contingency Services as the company’s first distributor in Ireland.

The Dublin-based IT security and compliance experts will resell CySure’s information security management system, Virtual Online Security Officer (VOSO).  The agreement with Renaissance further extends Cysure’s international network of partners across the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, the USA and the UK.

Michael Conway, Director at Renaissance Contingency Services, said:  “Every day, networks and businesses are being attacked by cybercriminals and we need to work alongside partners we can trust to guide organisations through today’s complex security and compliance landscape.  We selected CySure after evaluating the marketplace for a solution that would allow our partners and their customers to manage and demonstrate their compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) simply and effectively.  When combined with our 30-year track record in the industry, we can jointly offer the depth and strength of solutions and advice our partners need to grow their business while protecting themselves and their customers against the constant threat of cyber attacks.”

CySure has been accepted onto the UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 digital marketplace.  As part of that process, the security component of the GDPR was mapped into VOSO, providing an easy to follow, staged approach to GDPR along with all the policies and training videos necessary to complete the compliance process.

Joe Collinwood, Chief Executive Officer of CySure, added: “As Ireland’s premier IT security distributor and leading business continuity consultancy provider, Renaissance has an enviable reputation for delivering a robust set of solutions.  According to GCHQ research, 80 percent of cyber attacks are preventable when staff are trained regularly, and the right policies are in place.  VOSO is a complete information security management system which interprets government and industry standards to ensure the right steps are taken to keep data secure and organisations compliant.  This new partnership provides the potential for CySure and the IT channel to create a powerful, value proposition to keep Irish public sector organisations safe and secure.”

On 20th September, CySure and Renaissance will co-host a 45 minute webinar entitled “Cyber Security, GDPR and Local Government”.   During this interactive tutorial, attendees will learn about the main areas that make public sector organisations vulnerable to attacks such as staff and contractor changes, human error and weak internal processes.  They will also take away some simple, inexpensive ideas to facilitate their path to GDPR compliance including the need for continuous process monitoring; knowing when to engage external consultants to plug in knowledge and skills gaps while containing costs and a deeper understanding of executive legal responsibilities.

CySure gets into the G-Cloud

banner_220x220Cyber security specialist CySure Ltd has announced that its Virtual Online Security Officer (VOSO) has been accepted onto the Government’s G-Cloud 10 digital marketplace.

CySure will flog  VOSO online solution to protect organisations against the growing threat of cybercrime.  It has mapped the security component of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into VOSO, providing staged approach to GDPR along with all the policies and training videos necessary to complete the compliance process.

Organisations today, particularly those in the government and public sector, operate in a constantly changing environment where cybercrime is a real threat. Latest statistics from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport reveal that four in ten businesses and two in ten charities have experienced a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months.  However, only 27 percent of businesses and 21 per cent  of charities have a formal cyber security policy or set of policies in place.

Joe Collinwood, Chief Executive Officer of CySure said, “Research from GCHQ reveals that 80 percent of cyber-attacks are easily prevented when staff are trained regularly, and the right policies are in place. Managing risk from inside the organisation is vital and relies upon a consistent, dynamic process with continual training.  Our VOSO solution interprets government and industry security standards in simple terms and outlines the steps to take to protect online equipment and stored data at the fraction of the cost of a human counterpart.  We are delighted that VOSO has been accepted onto the government’s G-Cloud framework, the go-to place for trusted technology solutions from suppliers that are thoroughly vetted, can demonstrate clear ways of working and transparent pricing.  Our customers in the public sector can depend on our expertise to create a robust, best-practice formula to help keep their organisations safe.”

CySure’s  web-based Virtual Online Security Officer incorporates, it’s claimed,  a comprehensive range of features such as remote monitoring and secure configuration of all networked devices, asset mapping, vulnerability scanning and patching, dashboards to display compliance progress against selected standards including GDPR as well as online security training videos for continual staff training.   Costing £1 per user per month, VOSO reduces the requirement for expensive in-house cyber security consultants or compliance officers, mitigates the risk of law suits and regulatory fines and ensures employees are trained regularly and kept informed of the latest cyber security updates.