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VAR Connect Managed Services buys CoolHarbour

shark_attack_painting-t2 (1)Contact centre VAR Connect Managed Services has written a cheque for the next-gen outfit CoolHarbour.

CoolHarbour is one of two acquisitions LDC-backed Connect announced this morning, alongside its first US purchase in the shape of the assets and technical teams of UVN.

The second purchase will add about $2 million to Connect’s bottom line.

Connect billed CoolHarbour as a pioneer in Amazon Connect, which it claimed is disrupting the contact centre market. Through its Lex Service, Amazon Connect allows callers to engage with businesses using natural language understanding.

Its “flexible, consumption-based model” also enables organisations to very quickly build contact centres and then scale up, Connect said, adding that the technology is “highly complementary” to its existing vendors Genesys, Cisco and Avaya.

The company insists that there is growing interest in Amazon Connect and it sees a shift to AWS within its client community, with a number moving some or all of their IT applications to this environment.

It said that the timing of the CoolHarbour deal was perfect, as it is helping some of its clients to deploy Avaya, Cisco and Genesys implementations onto AWS.