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Cloud phones wants to double resellers

Every silver has a cloudy liningCloud Telephones wants to double the number of resellers it works with pro-actively to market and sell hosted VoIP services over the coming year.

The company is currently working with and paying commission to 70 partners across the UK and wants to bring another 70 on-board through the course of 2016 to meet increased demand.

The outfit claims it has seen monthly income from voice services subscriptions grow by more than 200 percent with half of all monthly revenues going to the reseller. It predicts that the growth will continue with higher volume of new customer enquiries it is now generating, needs to engage with additional partners.

In a statement John Carter, Managing Director of Cloud Telephones, said: “The demand is there – we just need more resellers to get involved. Most customers understand hosted voice well enough now and we take all the hassle away from the reseller, so they don’t need to worry about the complexity of getting customers set-up. We generate the original leads, manage all the provisioning and provide support. We have managed thousands of installations already, so the customer gets a great experience and all the reseller needs to do is go out and sell.”