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Swatch gets into the smart watch market

Swiss Watches the BrandIf Apple thinks it will have its own way in the smart watch category this year, it had better think again.
Swatch is planning to introduce a smart watch in the next three months and it’s going to have some advantages over the Apple device.
According to Bloomberg, the watch can communicate with the internet without needing to be charged, will work with Windows and Android and will let you make mobile payments.
Swatch has something of an advantage over Apple too in that it’s been in the market for decades and has had touch screens since the end of the 20th century.
It also knows its market and has distribution deals that Apple cannot possibly match.
Further, attempts by companies like Intel and Google to launch TV services haven’t exactly been the dish of the day.
While some analysts are predicting huge sales of smart watches, others are more sceptical.  Young people, by and large, don’t tend to wear watches and use their smartphones for telling the time.
People need to be convinced that spending money on duplicate functions makes any sense at all.


Apple iWatch runs out of time

fobwatchA report claimed that Apple watches, which will launch in the first half of this year, will only have battery lives of about three and a half hours.
According to 9to5Mac, it has spoken to people familiar with the product who said the chip and the screen will drag its battery life down to a minimum.
Once the watch runs down, you’ll have to find a power socket to recharge it.
The magazine said that Apple decided to use an S1 chip and a top notch screen for the watch, resulting in “significant” power drain.
Apple watches are already in production in the Far East.
9to5mac claimed that Apple wanted to launch the watch last year, but worries over the battery life meant it decided to wait.
Prices for the watch are expected to start at around $350.