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Future not bright for Orange

OrangeFrench telco Orange is not doing that well and has surrendered on the idea of getting a recovery before 2018.

Orange has announced it would take at least until then for sales and core operating profit to exceed 2014 levels as pressure would continue in its domestic market.

Chief Executive Stephane Richard said he thought the low point for group sales would come next year, while earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) would bottom this year.

“Our revenues have been falling for five years. We’ve been through a major re-set in France and the impact is still being felt, although most of our customers have passed over to the lower prices,” he said on a conference call.

His cunning plan calls for Orange to invest more in its networks in the coming years, putting more than $15.87 billion in to mobile and fixed networks upgrades to boost broadband speeds as it seeks to differentiate from competitors with better quality of service.

Cost cutting efforts will also continue with a further three billion euros in gross savings targeted through 2018 on par with an earlier cost cutting plan that was lauded by investors.