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1.167 billion smartphones sold last year

smartphones-genericChinese vendors managed to sell 453.4 million smartphones in 2014 – and total global shipments of the devices amounted to 1.167 billion units.

That’s a growth rate of 25.9 percent, according to market intelligence company Trendforce.

Samsung continued to be the global leader in smartphone market share in 2014, although its growth rate fell, eroded by the Chinese manufacturers at the lower and mid end of the market, and at the high end of the market by Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. more»

Apple’s Siri in data heist

tim-cook-glareApple’s voice activated personal assistant Siri is being used to steal sensitive information from iOS based smartphones.

Luca Caviglione of the National Research Council of Italy and Wojciech Mazurczy of the Warsaw University of Technology warn that “malicious actors” could use Siri for stealthy data exfiltration by using a method that’s based on steganography, the practice of hiding information. more»

Apple invented Microsoft’s Kinect

t1larg.kinect.video.gamesAccording to the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) the fruity cargo cult Apple invented Microsoft’s Kinect.

The US PTO granted Apple a patent which is so wide you can drive a bus through it sideways. Patent number 8,933,876  covers a “three dimensional user interface session control.”

When Apple bought PrimeSense last year to get its foot in the door of the gesture-control space. more»

12-inch Macbook Air ready to roll

novità-apple-2013Original development manufacturer (ODMs) have begun to make quantities of the 12-inch Macbook Air.

ODMs make machines to specifications created by brand name firms like Apple – and in this case the manufacturer is Taiwanese giant Quanta Computer.

According to a report in Taiwanese wire Digitimes, the 12-inch Macbook Air will be launched in the first quarter of this year, displacing the current 11-inch model.   more»