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Apple suffers more iCloud woes

stormNot satisfied with a security hole which allowed 4Chan users access to minor celebrities’ porn stashes, the Fruity Cargo cult Apple has some more problems with its cloud.

According to MacRumours there is a serious bug with the “Reset All Settings” option in iOS 8, causing users who activate the feature to lose all of their iWork documents stored in iCloud Drive. more»

Attackers quick to Bash Linux

linuxAttackers have been quick to exploit the Shellshock Bash command interpreter bug and a botnet that is currently trying to infect other servers.

Italian security consultancy Tiger Security’s Emanuele Gentili said the “wopbot” botnet is active and scanning the internet for vulnerable systems, including at the United States Department of Defence. more»

Apple botches iOS8 update

CD153Not satisfied with releasing an expensive phone which bends if you stick it in your pocket, Apple has botched an update to its brand new iOS 8 operating system.

TheTame Apple Press praised Apple for releasing an “update” to the iOS 8 platform so early, but this was itself a cover to the fact that the iOS 8 was really broken, it was also packed with U2 which was too smug to be deleted. more»