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Dell cleaning up in India

Dell logoTin box shifter, Michael Dell is doing rather well in the growing Indian server market according to beancounters at IDC.

The analyst firm claims that Dell India has become the largest server player in the India market, doubling its shipments in the third quarter and commanding 38 percent market share in terms of revenue.

While the other players saw a decline in server shipments in the third quarter, Dell shipments more than doubled largely due to investments by the Retail industry.

HP, market leader in terms of overall shipments, saw a decline of 12 percent, while IBM’s market share dropped by about five percent. Dell grew by 17 percent in terms of overall shipment units, coming close second to HP, with about 29 percent market share.

“The non x86 server market saw a decline of 58 percent in terms of revenue in Q3 2014 as compared to Q3 2013 due to large refreshes in verticals like Banking and telecom being on hold due to various factors,” IDC said.

Dell India has been growing in the server as well as PC market as it completely revamped its go-to-market strategy in India after its privatisation.

It is now trying to offer integrated systems to enterprises as it attempts to fill in a void created by IBM’s exit from commoditised x86 server business, which is not only helping it expand its  market but also get higher value deals.

Anonymous prepares to launch banned Sony movie

o-ANONYMOUS-facebookAfter Sony refused to release “The Interview” because of pressure from a hacker group, it seems Anonymous is furious.

The hacker group has decided that since Sony is bowing to the will of hackers to pull the film, it will release it, itself.

Of course Sony is not happy about this, which Anonymous will be pleased about, but the question is why would one hacker collective rain on another’s parade.

Part of this appears to be because Anonymous does not think that “Guardians of Peace” who managed the Sony raid are true hackers.  They believe that the hacker group is a tool of the North Korean government.

Hackivism is one thing, but when you are hacking on behalf of a government you have broken the rules.  But according to the tweets, Anonymous is cross that Sony caved in so easily to the GoP demands and banned the film.

“Okay, for real though. @SonyPictures is a little bitch for giving in so easily. Then again, what do you expect from Sony other than that?”

“You’re gonna let Kim Junk Uno and his minions boss you, a multimillion dollar corporation responsible for billions of dollars in revenue?”

Anonymous claims that it infiltrated Sony’s systems long before North Korea and it was going to release the film “as a Christmas present.”

“We’re not with either side, we just want to watch the movie too…and soon you too will be joining us,” the group tweeted.


Anonymous takes the Nintendo

urinalsNever mind pouring buckets of ice on your head, a group of Anonymous protestors have been literally taking the wee when it comes to complaining about British spying.

A video has been posted online that appears to show activists from the We Are Anonymous group drinking their own urine in protest at GCHQ.

The police refused to accept a potty full of urine on behalf of GCHQ so activists ceremoniously drank it.

People taking part in the four-day-long peaceful protest were warned by the long arm of the law that they were not allowed to take snaps of GCHQ spies as they popped inside for a meeting with Moneypenny and M.

Activists who are angry at reports that GCHQ and its American sister agency NSA have developed large programmes of mass surveillance of phone and internet traffic, organised the protest over the weekend.

Gloucestershire Police told protesters that there was a small matter of legality standing in the way of them snapping pictures of staff based at Cheltenham.

Other than the potty protest, the rest of the weekend was a bit of a damp squib. The protest got off to a slow start yesterday with confusion over when the protests would take place and only a handful of people turned up.