Tablet sales come back from the dead

While most of us have written off tablets as a marketing fad which went no-where, it appears that they are going to end up in someone’s Christmas stocking, where they will be as useful as a bright green jumper with Santa on the front.

Figures from Context indicated that across Western Europe volume sales of tablets were up by 21 percent in October year-on-year challenging those that have argued the form factor is out of favour.

Huawei drove the sales in its efforts to take market share from the established players. While Apple is still the leading seller, with volumes climbing by 4 per cent, Huawei overtook Samsung to climb into second place with 221 percent growth.

Context Marie-Christine Pygott said that the channels selling into business customers also boosted sales with Western European distributor figures picking up in the second quarter following a long period of decline”, said

“More recent growth has mostly been driven by the top three vendors, as many top-tier PC manufacturers and smaller vendors have left the segment or reduced their focus on tablet innovation and marketing”m she added.

The UK was among the best-performing countries in October with 21.3 percent increases in unit growth. Italy was the standout with 47.7 percent, and Poland was the weakest with a 21.5 percent decline.