Tablet failures slow BYOD growth

ipad3A report claimed that nearly half people using tablets have experienced failure in the last two years, making them a poor choice as devices in the business sector.

The survey was undertaken by Panasonic which – it is only fair to say – has an axe to grind because it is pushing its Toughbook range of tablets.

The survey showed that the most common weakest link was extreme temperatures, whether machines were left in places too hot or too cold.

The next common reason for failure was machines being dropped or knocked off desks – that was followed by spillages.  Panasonic claimed one in 10 reported that a vehicle drove over their broken tablets.

Battery problems, touchscreen bugs and screen breakages were also named as reasons for tablets not working – with the average time for repair being two weeks.

The survey showed that tablets are often used wen employees were travelling but 45 percent used it at their desk or in front of clients.

Panasonic didn’t say how many people it had surveyed.