Syrian Electronic Army hijacks analytics

syrian-electronic-armyOnline users  visiting some websites are being shown popups and being redirected to the Syrian Electronic Army’s website as the hacker group has managed to hijack an online analytics system.

News websites such as The Independent and The Telegraph were the first to show signs of hijacking when popups started to appear for visitors. Many websites such as PC World, Forbes and Dell were later reported by users across the web to have been affected by SEA’s hack as well. Similar popups on Logitech’s website.

What appears to have happened is that the SEA hijacked the DNS of Gigya, which is an online analytics system, used to track user behaviour for marketing purposes. No personal data was taken from Gigya’s own system or the affected websites, some companies have turned off the feature while the issues are resolved.

This hijacking has given the group access to more sites to spread their messages due to the use of the Gigya platform by various outlets.