Startup takes on Google

google-ICA London startup thinks it can take on Google and win.

Frank Kristiansen, founder of, said that small companies have the ability to disrupt the Google model.

He said: “It is unheard of that a whole industry can stay so passive in its evolution for so long without being destroyed by small innovative competitors. The way search results are displayed did not change at all since Altavista in 1995 that is 18 years with absolutely no chance!”

Storage is the big problem, he believes and Kristiansen claims search results from Google and other search engines are not good.

The problem with Google, he maintains, is Adsense.  The only purpose is to redirect people to pages and to collect a small payment.

So how can Seevol improve on Google? He said his search engine will only index domains that deliver high quality results and then sift them with an algorithm to find the most relevant.

The site is not online yet and the company is looking for investors to take on Google, Bing, and the rest. Seevol didn’t say how it will solve the storage problem or what its business model is.