Startup conjures up social network for escorts

slixaGood business ideas are few and far between. Coming up with an interesting service in a cash strapped economy is tough, unless that service happens to be the oldest profession in the world.

Social network Slixa is doing just that. It is a social network for sex workers, ranging from escorts, fetish workers, erotic masseuses to dominas.

The members have their own profile pages, with all relevant information, including biographies, pictures and rules of behaviour.

The site is free, it includes all the relevant contact information and registration is not required, which is hardly surprising given the nature of the service.

Slixa told Business Insider that the service has already signed up more than 3,000 entertainers over the last seven months and it’s not slowing down.

“Escorts and other adult entertainers continue to join at a rapid rate, which of course we’re very happy about. The really significant thing is that we’re more interested in quality over quantity,” said spokeswoman Lee Ann Jennings.

The emphasis on quality becomes more evident when you check the pricing. A New York escort listed on the site is charging $1,800 for two hours of “get to know you” time, $6,000 for a five-hour dinner or $10,000 for “overnight bliss”.